FALL 2017 | 5th & 6th Grade

Travel by canoe is in Maine’s DNA. Starting with the Abenaki, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot tribes through to the present day, canoe tripping in Maine’s rivers and lakes areas has been a source of commerce, sustenance and recreation for over 10,000 years. This 6-week course is designed to teach the basics of canoeing that will build up to a multi-day, flat water canoe trip in the Maine wilderness.

The Canoe Tripping essentials course consists of 12 hands on training sessions (2 per week) taught in the field that will prepare each student with technical skills, preparedness and basic knowledge of canoeing. The training sessions will start with foundational skills such as paddle strokes, steering and how to communicate with your paddle partner and progress to more advanced skills such as capsize rescue techniques and portaging (carrying) canoes. To facilitate a safe and enjoyable expedition, other skill development areas will build upon environmental awareness, leave no trace ethics, ecology, route navigation, back-country cooking and other essentials important for safety and fun on a multi-day canoe trip.

Course skills

Paddle strokes and steering

Self rescue and team rescue 

Navigation and route planning

Leave no trace ethics


Meal planning and back-country cooking